General Services

Providing a clean, safe and healthy environment for faculty, staff and visitors is a critical aspect of operating a thriving institution. The impression your facilities leave on people is lasting and tangible.

Because each facility is unique, we take a collaborative and customized approach to program design at each institution we serve. We consider cleaning specifications, building type, traffic patterns, floor surfaces, seasonality and other unique aspects of each building. With these factors in mind, each program is individually designed to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers

Comprehensive List of Services We Provide

General Cleaning

  • Dusting: Top of desks, file cabinets, copy machines, book shelves, tables, and other furniture will be dusted.
    • Low dusting of chair rails and legs, desk and table legs, baseboards, ledges, vents, etc.
    • High Dusting of ledges, picture frames, door frames, vents, etc.
    • Vertical dusting of sides of desks, cabinets, files, bookshelves, etc.
    • Window sills will be dusted weekly
    • Mini blinds will be dusted as needed
  • Ashtrays: Ashtrays will be emptied, damp wiped and dried each service
  • Phones: Telephones will be dusted
  • Upholstered Furniture: All upholstered furniture will be vacuumed
  • Vinyl Furniture: All vinyl furniture will be damp wiped and dried
  • Water Fountains: Water Fountains will be cleaned, polished, and sanitized
  • Finger Marks: Smudges and finger marks will be removed from partitions desks, doors, light switches, and woodwork
  • Carpets: Carpets will be vacuumed each service in all open areas, edges, corners, and traffic ways. All carpeting will be thoroughly vacuumed including knee holes of desks, behind doors, under and behind movable furniture and equipment. Small spots will be removed (Excessive spot removal excepted.
  • Tile Floors: Tile floors will be thoroughly swept with a treated samp mop and spot mopped each service. Floors will be damp mopped
  • Mats & Runners: Mats and runners will be cleaned each service and thoroughly vacuumed or damp mopped weekly
  • Plastic Chair Mats: Plastic chair mats will be spot cleaned weekly
  • Glass Partitions: Partition glass will be spot cleaned
  • Walls: Marks and smudges will be removed from walls as long as their removal does not spoil the general appearance of the walls
  • Trash Disposal: Trash containers will be emptied each service and trash taken to designated area. Plastic liners from your stock will be installed as needed. Trash containers will be cleaned when needed
  • Cob Webs: Cob webs will be removed from window frames and corners as needed

Our staff are fully insured, both comprehensive general liability and workers comp. All equipment and cleaning materials necessary for the performances of all our services will be supplied by Premier Facility Services.